Dan Morris


The Wedding Street | «The wedding street» is a series where wedding and street photography collide.
Besides the usual situations happening on every wedding day, there are also moments you cannot foresee or even imagine would happen. Unpredictability, as well as a good dose of chance, is a common condition to street photography. The author of the project is a wedding photographer who sees a strong relationship between the two, and who finds a fil rouge running in both.
The following pictures are all taken on weddings or engagement days, and these candid images are capturing moments that are truthful, unobtrusive, and often infused with a touch of personality. Along with the photographer’s passion, «The wedding street» shows a unique style and atmosphere specific to the joyous celebration of every wedding, thriving to be captured.

FROM | United Kingdom

The photographer | Dan Morris is a street and wedding photographer from South Wales, now living in England. He specialises in wedding photography within the UK and abroad, but that was not always the case. Back in the day, he was an electrical engineer, and the only time you would find a camera in his hand would be as a hobbyist. That hobby soon became an obsession, and now it is his job. He loves seeking out moments, often trying to expand on an image and see what he can incorporate into a frame, with the hope of telling a story. Recently he started a podcast with a fellow street photographer, called The Wedding Street Podcast, in which also Marco Savarese—founder and editor-in-chief of Eyeshot—took part. Outside of photography, he loves the outdoors, keeping fit, travelling, and he still has a love for rugby, which he played for over 20 years.