Dan Jarvis

Alone. Dan Jarvis has put a series of street images together to highlight a fragmented and lonely part of society in London. Even in the heart of the City, at the busiest times, he observes the solitary travelers making their way through the streets. Currently, London has an enormous problem with knife crime. The harsh light and deep shadows that characterize many of Dan’s images expose the subjects to be vulnerable and alone.

COUNTRY | United Kingdom

BIO | It all started nearly 20 years ago when I decided to make my passion a viable reality and began my career as an Architectural Photographer. This is still a big part of my life which I thoroughly enjoy. However, I have always admired the great Documentary and Street Photographers Such as Jane Brown, Larry Burrows, Alex Webb, and Vivian Mayer to name a few. I started practicing Street Photography only a year ago and has now become a huge part of my life.