Dan Jarvis

For the Love of Light | «For the Love of Light» is a series of photographs captured on the streets of London and other parts of the South of England by Dan Jarvis. The author has always been fascinated by the power of light and how it reacts when it meets different surfaces and materials. Light has the ability to make a subject look anything from vulnerable and alone to completely unified and assured, and what seems to emerge from every picture of this series is a strange calm — otherwise non–existent in London’s urban jungle. All the images focus on highlighting the moment in which every one of us is present to himself and alive, knowingly or unknowingly, may it be in the underground or while playing with other kids. The photographer was able to perfectly capture and genuinely represent the life we are not aware we are living. Dan Jarvis’s lens observes life in all its shapes, constantly seeking inspiration in the street to create always different moods and atmospheres.

FROM | United Kingdom

THE PHOTOGRAPHER | After travelling to Asia in 2002 for a six–month trip, Dan Jarvis discovered a love for candid photography. While going back to London, he decided to make his passion a viable reality, and began his career by becoming a professional architectural photographer. Nonetheless, the admiration for the greatest documentary and street photographers never left, and he then continued to pursue his passion for photography alongside his work as a commercial photographer. He started practising shooting on the streets only a few years ago, but it has shortly become an important part of his life. Now, completely addicted to street photography, he has won multiple awards from The British Photography Awards and Paris Streets Photography Awards.