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Letter from the Editor | Marco Savarese

Thank you all for your continued support, outstanding images and genuine interest in all Eyeshot publications & events. Eyeshot is evolving, growing in strength & stature and I am honoured that you are part of its journey.

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Eyeshot Official partner StreetFoto San Francisco

We are proud to announce the new partnership with StreefFoto San Francisco. Street photographers from around the world are coming to San Francisco June 3-9, 2019. The festival will feature exhibitions, workshops, portfolio reviews, photowalks, live discussion and lectures by street photography masters.

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Eyeshot Flashgun Issue 2

EYESHOT FLASHGUN. Soon Available for Pre-Order. MANIFESTO | Ever notice how quick the flash is on a camera? That’s how fast other types of flashes are, including the super-fast superhero The Flash. Whether you’re talking about a flash of lighting or a flash of insight, a flash is quick and bright and sudden. There aren’t any slow, long flashes. Because flashes are so fast, the word is often used for anything that happens really quickly: a flash is as fast as a New York minute, the blink of an eye, a heartbeat, an instant, a jiffy, or a split second.

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Street Xmas

HI PHOTOGRAPHERS! Santa is coming. We would like to invite you to the making of “The Eyeshot XMAS STREET, a SPECIAL & LIMITED EDITION for Christmas”. We kindly ask you to send from one to three photos* related to the theme “CHRISTMAS ON STREET PHOTOGRAPHY”.

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