Carlos P Beltran

I Am Made of Scraps | Living and photographing in the same place gave me the opportunity to observe the changes of a city ravaged by neglect. Caracas birthed me in 1986, but I left it as a teenager, without getting to know her or those who lived within. In 2010, as a journalist, I went back to my film and geographical roots. Caracas, Venezuela — already in shambles for its many years of political turmoil and socio-economic crisis — allowed me to capture its melancholic, yet oddly hopeful, essence in a 64-image monograph taken over the course of 5 years. This submission includes a carefully curated 11-image excerpt from the work titled “Estoy Hecha de Retazos” (I Am Made of Scraps) by Carlos P Beltran.

COUNTRY | United States

BIO Carlos P. Beltran (Venezuelan Born), is a Senior Producer at NBC Universal’s documentary unit based in New York City. His work has received two National Headliner Awards, an Emmy-nomination, a Telly Award and several film festival recognitions since 2011.
His work focuses on social policies, migration and LGTBQ+ rights in South America and the United States. He currently resides in Brooklyn with his wife—also a journalist.