Neenad Arul

Dog Story. I must personally admit initially when I started out exploring my passion for street photography I was very shy as a person and I always thought itís not polite to photograph unknown people.

Aniruddha Guha Sarkar

My Times, My People. Every age and place have their distinct social, historical and existential characters. Having lived with the trends of street photography over the last few years, I feel a growing feeling inside that the moments that I express, must be rooted in and express the time and place that I live in.

Angela Ambrosini

Faceless in the city. In my pursuit to capture street photography, I wanted to focus on the mystery side of the street. Mixing fine art and street, the viewers can create their own mysterious story and get captivated by the sounds, lights, color and serene beauty that make-up the city life.

Sam Ferris

Off Quay. This ongoing series first took shape in 2014 when I realised that during the winter months I’d always end up at Circular Quay to catch the final shards of light as it spears through the architecture of the train station, ferry terminals, and harbour bridge.