Sebastien Durand

Connected street furniture.. The photo series was taken in 2018 in Paris. It aims to question the street furniture that increasingly shape our streets and offer interactions with passersby, at a time when the street becomes anonymous and solitary.

Carlos Coelho

City Shapes. “City Shapes” is a project where I present to you the city of London through my eyes. “The most captivating aspect of art is its ability to transform and when I dive into a photograph of Coelho, I see a city completely different from the one I see every day.

Amado Ergana

Black. Black is my favorite color. I believe it is the best color to represent us as a human because just like the color we are mysterious. Yes, it is true, we all have different personality but we all have that part most people do not know about.

Cam Crosland

Fishing With Dynamite. I originally became hooked on street photography in 2010. My philosophy in life is to squeeze every opportunity out of my circumstances by working with what I have, rather than focusing on what I haven’t got, and using ambient light was a part of that mindset.

Alfredo Romero

Donde la luz se deshace (where the light falls apart). Humanist project, which respond to the need to see everyday life through photography, immediately, here and now; in my natural environment, my city, looking for people behind the black mantle that light produces on the streets of the city.

Jeff Karp

Stranger in the Light. This is my primary photography project since the spring of 2017. Stranger in the Light explores candid interactions of people and silhouettes with interesting public spaces filled with intense light and dark shadows.

Libby Holmsen

Everyday Moments. A series of candid images that celebrate the charm in everyday moments. Moments that often go unnoticed. A mother shadowing her child. An empty thought bubble. A new father walking the line. A lawn thief. A play on shadows. A floating lady.

Evgeniya Gor

Among the worlds. I have always been interested in the relationship between humans and animals, then it became the main theme of my project. Now my model can be any person, animal. Of course depending on the situation and the moment.

Parker Reinecker

Running from the Sun. There is a place that seems so far from here. A place where the sand, the dirt, the rock and the sky live in harmony. Where the sun beats down on the man formed brick and the asphalt of the journey to the West.

Andrea Shkreli

Bonjour Ostend. Andrea Shkreli studies the pulse of a Belgian seaside town, with emphasis on summer conditions, whereby people are usually revitalized, and reveal themselves, and tourism intermingles with slothful everydayness.

Debrani Das

Stolen Moments. Moments are vital in photography so as timing. As a Photographer, we need reflex action which comes through practice. We observe various moments everyday everywhere within our vicinity.

Hara Sklika

Days at the Channel. “Days at the Channel” series where taken during a time period of regular visits to various locations around the English Channel, in an attempt to observe and capture the coexistence of people and the urban landscape.