Raj Sarkar

Street to Me. The term Street Photography modified form the term straight photography which means straight out of camera and it is expected that there will be no manipulation and it has to be candid or un-staged under natural light sources. Though Now a days the trend of using flash in street photography is increasing.

Ryan Hardman

ONLY in Plymouth. This is a long-term project exploring the anthropological society of Plymouth City which often exhibits theatrical scenes amongst its residents. Around every corner, there is an interesting scene or light Cascading between the 1950s Soviet feeling Architecture.

Guille Ibanez

Corporate Adventures. As a profesional cameraman and photographer, I work for all sorts of customers and I often find myself at ‘corporate’ environments. Contrary to popular belief, these are places full of colour and life.

Guillaume Flandre

DON’T PANYC. New York City is part postcard, part crazy. As iconic as its skyline may be, this is an homage to the people who go through its noisy, stressful streets. These 12 images are a subset of a bigger series on the people of NYC.

Umberto Fara

Codex Sardinia. The scenario of my shots is mainly my Island, Sardinia. Being a land full of events related to tradition, I often go to shoot at village festivals, religious events, or, when possible, country festivals.

Bas Hordijk

Gestalte – ongoing series. This ongoing series is the result of a personal response to an environment and moment in which I live and work. I try to create photographs I feel an emotional connection with by using lights, textures, shapes and colours I find aesthetically satisfying.

Subhajit Naskar

Streets of India. India is a country with diversity. India is a place of cultural heritage. We are surrounded by people every time. Street Photography without human elements or rather without human emotions is just nothing.

Manuel Pena

Moments in Time. These photos are a snippet on how I perceive the world. My goal is to tell stories using light, shadow, composition, and color. I only have one rule. Shoot anything that interests you and the pieces will fall in place. Enjoy!

José Bassit

Imagens Fiéis. The photographer José Bassit traveled through seven Brazilian states between 1998 and 2003. This course resulted in a set of 101 images that show Brazilian religiosity with respect, if not with faith.

Simon Péret

Errances Urbaines. Through my photos, I am simply trying to show the moments and the points of view that challenged me, the trivial things that can take an aesthetic dimension according to the way you look at them.

Bui Quang Tien

Street photography project – kopoogoo (TÉNG BẾU). 1. (Cover) This photo is taken during I participated “Canon Marathon Vietnam” contest. That topic which I need to shot is “Proud of Vietnam” so I decided to go to Air Force Museum of Vietnam. It was a Saturday therefore many people visited there.

Konstantinos Zilos

In the Heart of Africa. The project is an experiential photojournalism through my photographic lens, crossing four African countries, starting from Uganda, participating in the Cairo2CapeTown cycling project. The photographs capture everyday life, people’s way of life and the natural wealth of the regions.

Dario Cestaro

/ˌmɪsəˈleɪniəs/. MISCELLANEOUS /ˌmɪsəˈleɪniəs/ adjective 1 – consisting of members or elements of different kinds; of mixed character: (a book of miscellaneous essays on American history.) 2 – having various qualities, aspects, or subjects: (a miscellaneous discussion.)