Simon Åslund

during night @auslund street

Auslund Street | These are outtakes from my on-going series called “Night”, where I try to capture seemingly mundane scenes in a cinematic yet street style way during night time. Most of these photos are taken in Stockholm, where I currently live and work. I like the idea of having one or two characters in the scene to create some sort of story with the photo, rather than just taking a pretty picture of a foggy bridge. This means a lot of patience and timing when I go out and shoot, but it helps me to stay creative and consistent throughout my work! I’m not really sure why I have chosen to only shoot at night, I think it might have something to do with the fact that during night time a lot of things come to live in a different way with the ambience light from various light sources.

COUNTRY | Sverige

BIO | My name is Simon Åslund, I’m a 24-year old graphic designer and photographer from Stockholm, Sweden. I’ve been taking photos from approximately 3 years now!