Alexei Abanin

The first kilometer of Russia. Russia certainly does not start from Kaliningrad, ending with the opposite Vladivostok. Russia is growing in circles, as if on a cut of an old tree, where the core is Moscow. And it is enough to go beyond the boundaries of this city to see the whole country in integrity. On the first kilometer after the Moscow Ring Road there is everything: tall cities and crumbling villages, shopping centers and slanting tents, majestic monuments and signboards in shops, wide fields and endless forests, manicured ponds and fast rivers, men in tailcoats and barefoot children, at the same time people of all nations and creeds. This photo project is an attempt to summarize all of Russia through the prism of the first kilometer after the Ring Road.
3 days
4 corns
150 km
180,000 steps

COUNTRY | Russia

BIO | Photojournalist from Russia, 30 years old. Was born, not dead. North addict. Emotional hobo.