Created by Marco Savarese in 2017, EYESHOT is a very ambitious project. Our goal is to offer a publication that talks about and focuses on street photography in terms of language and as an art form.
Our intention is thus to offer street photography publications created by photographers and for photographers, both at an amateur and professional level. We are totally open to the collaboration of readers and we pay special attention to the final product by offering a quality magazine that is unique in the field of photography.

The EYESHOT website presents the publications well and functions as an active instrument, in terms of presenting the product as well as functioning as an interchange between the editorial staff and our readers/collaborators. This implies contacting the possible photographers who we want to involve in the project of the month. In fact, the publication will have a main theme on which we will build our planning and selection of photographers. Behind this project is an editorial board focused on selecting the theme and contents offered to readers month by month.

We believe in this project and in its potential and we feel certain that we will be able to capture the heart of many readers and collaborators willing to become involved with a quality publication created by photographers and devoted to all those having a passion for street photography.


Marco Savarese | Editor-in-Chief
Romano Rosa | Sales & Distribution Director
Louise De Cours | Graphic Designer
Caroline de Bertodano | Eyeshot Affiliate UK
David Fidalgo “Briks” | Eyeshot Affiliate Spain
Valérie Six | Eyeshot Affiliate France