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Baiana Maicol

In a new space. NY, 26-30 June. I decided to take a break from the countryside in which I live in northeastern Italy, to immerse myself in the multiculturalism of the American metropolis. Free to spend five days and dedicate to what is my greatest passion, street photography. The first night at the pub in Brooklyn I met a guy, who immediately told me “Hey dude, don’t visit New York, live it!”. Inside me I tried to live so totally Manhattan, walking in a sort of reality without space and time. I felt that I lived moments without coordinates, living […]

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Emi Cercel

“All things are photographable” so says Garry Winogrand. I am a passionate street wanderer and I use my camera to shoot anything that catches my eye or touches my soul within my home city Bucharest, Romania or other places I visit. I enjoy the light vs. shadow game, the layers, the gestures and the overall human presence that makes the observer questions what is being seen within the frame.

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